Three Things Your Hair Stylist Wish You Knew Before Going to the Salon

What are your expectations when you visit a hair salon? Maybe courtesy or professionalism from the stylists working there?

Talent and exceptional services are the two things that’ll make you a repeat customer. But wait! Do you have the qualities of a good customer? What does your hair stylist expect of you?

If you are clueless about the dos and don’ts in a salon, do not worry. Danie’s Beauty Salon as some bits of advice to help you become a great salon client.

Phone Manners

Most hairstylists will not mind if you are playing a game or texting on your phone. But talking, it’s a hard no. not only is it rude, but has the potential to disrupt the job they’re doing.

So, some playing or texting is okay, but don’t engage in distracting phone conversations.

Be Punctual

Running more than 20 minutes late can ruin your stylists plan for the day. If you run into a problem, be sure to call. The stylist at the Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA will try to work things out with you.

At times, they may be willing to adjust or reschedule your appointment. If you want to cancel, do so at least 24 hours in advance. But don’t just miss. It’s unfair and rude to your hair stylist.

Communicate Your Needs, Hair Status and Disappointments

Have you been using any hair treatment products at home? If yes, share this information with the stylist. If you don’t want to trim your hair below a certain length, say so.

Don’t sit there smiling if you don’t like what the stylist is doing.


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